Cockpit Images - Page One


This image shows the cockpit head on. Since this image was taken, the front glass has been removed and the back panel has as well.

The rear panel that was removed will have a door installed into it and it will be replaced when the interior construction is complete.

Three primary forward view displays will be installed in the opening that was created by removing the front windows. This will give the pilot one forward view, and two left/right views slightly offset from center.

The guy standing in front of the light is Robbie, my partner in this neat toy.


The rear window is going to be blacked out and a video display will be installed where the door window currently sits. This will also be done on the left side.

This configuration will allow the pilot direct left and right views outside.


This is an outside view of the rear access panel.

Trust me, it's not as small as it looks.


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