Phase 2

We're getting pretty proud of this folks, in fact we are beginning to think this tips the ol' spiffy meter quite high. That's me(Gene Buckle) in the cockpit. Rob Hommel is looking on - he's afraid that I will break something. Notice the exterior paint the color matches that of the exterior of a F-15A block 16. Yes, the two objects hanging on the wall behind Rob are the throttle/thrust reversers from a 747.

A couple of interior shots. As you can see we are still under construction. The walls are constructed of hardboard 1/8 inch thick. The side and center panels are 1/2 inch plywood covered with hardboard and painted to match the interior paint scheme of the F-15. The instrument panel and side consoles are temporary coverings, instruments and switches are next on the agenda. The joystick will be recessed into the side console to the proper height. The side consoles are within a 1/2 inch of the width of the F-15 side consoles. The instrument panel is about 4 inches larger than the F-15 in height and width. Interior dimensions are well within tolerance.

Oh yes, we do have some additional seats available. Not of the same style shown but aircraft seats from several different aircraft, not all have been identified. If you are interested we would be willing to part with them, contact me for details.