The Deltasoft Group

Before you can fight, you must be able to fly. Air combat is measured in seconds, seconds that last a lifetime. Air Combat Manuvering will introduce you to the basics.

The basics must be covered so how does a jet engine work? Rolls Royce knows do you?

More of the basics, how do things fly? Might seem a bit trivial to some but if you really want to know here is a good explaination of the basics.

Combat Simulations is dedicated entirely to combat simulations and related hardware basic combat manuvering is covered rather nicely by them.

Don't miss their pages on basic flying skills these are the skills that are required to safely take off and land

Gunn's Hanger is a must see for air combat he provides excellent information on combat energy

Fighter Duel: Basic Opening Moves
Fighter Duel: Basic Opening Moves II
Fighter Duel: Evasive Maneuvers
Introduction to Energy In Air Combat
Air Combat Energy Management
Tactical Air Combat Maneuvering
WB Flight Academy: Basic Flight Maneuvers
Combat Situational Awareness

Tripp Mellinger of War Birds has provided a good deal of information mostly from Fletchman on Air Combat. I am impressed by the information on these pages. The tactical tips are invaluble for any combat simulator.

The Sea Serpents are a F/A-18 simulator squadron with excellent simultor combat tips be sure and listen like most Marine Squadrons they are no bull.

The real Air Force where do they train? Who teaches air combat? The 80th flying training wing is the school you might attend.

Nellis is the school of choice for most U.S. Air Force Pilots, The Weapons School turns out some of the most lethal pilots in the world.

Most of us however aren't in the Air Force so how can we train? The real experience, flight beyond simulators Air Combat USA is one possibility. They give a very brief tip on how to get your first kill.

Some information is really on a need to know basis. Codes and codewords can get you killed you may never need any of this information but just in case.

The Forward Air Controller has the only job in the military that scares a Marine, in fact I think even most Green Beenies would rather just stay home. Do you have the right stuff visit To shoot or not to Shoot for a taste of their HELL.